Novvo Product Innovation

We design and prototype enabling technologies to boost the power of your new product ideas.

We have developed over 100 new products utilizing most major technologies.

“John and his team were essential to our product strategy, prototyping, and development of the commercial version of our new wearable sensing product.”
Director of New Ventures, Fortune 500 Company

What We Do

Develop Strategies for New Products

Novvo will advise you on effective market positioning based on our breadth and depth of technical and business domain experience. We develop agile roadmap plans to develop electrical device products and software products. We create product solutions which integrate the best new and innovative technologies.

Design and Produce Prototypes

Novvo has deep experience with developing prototypes and beta versions of software and electronic devices. We know how to rapidly drive projects from concept to v1.0. You can eliminate delays from waiting for limited internal resources, and you can go to market faster.

Integrate Enabling Technologies

Novvo has expertise with technologies that enable powerful new benefits to customers. We have extensive experience with machine learning & artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT) connectivity, blockchain technology integration, augmented reality (composite views of the real-world environment with computer-generated images and information), geographic information systems (GIS), mobile app development, and radio frequency identification (RFID) technology.

Enabling Technologies

Machine learning / Artificial Intelligence

We create machine learning solutions. We have the experience to implement an existing commercially available solution, and we have the expertise to design a custom machine learning algorithm for you. Our capabilities and experience include: Deep Learning, Rule Systems, Bayesian, Decision Trees, Regression, and Instance Based.


We design and prototype complete system integrations including sensors, devices, cloud connectivity, data processing and intuitive interfaces for the end user. Examples of results are greater revenue opportunities, simplification of processes via automation, faster and better information for decision making, and time savings for your customers.

Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technology

We implement distributed ledger technology to create trust, ensure privacy, streamline settlements, enable tracing of transfers and movements, automate governance, and secure digital relationships.

Augmented reality/ Interactive Experiences

We devise and architect interactive and composite user experiences to promote the profitability of healthcare, retail and manufacturing. Examples include AR enabled physician training, enriched interactive retail displays, enhanced design tools and virtual mass customization tools. 


John Jedziniak, MBA, BS, BS

Expert in technology innovation, business strategy and new product development.  Extensive experience in inventing and re-designing software and electronic products. Experience in FDA regulated medical device development. MBA (UCLA), BS Electrical Engineering and BS Computer Science (UC Irvine).

Ed Reilly, BS, BA

Extensive experience in business strategy, business analytics, marketing, cross functional team leadership & sales management. Experience in infectious diseases, cardiovascular, diabetes, migraine and osteoporosis markets. BS Biological Sciences and BA Economics (UC Irvine).

Arlen Ward, PhD

Expert in computational modeling and simulation of complex systems for medical device prototypes, with a specialty in devices that apply laser, ultrasonic and other energy or mechanical loads to biological tissue. PhD (Colorado State U.) Mechanical Engineering, MS and ME (U. of Colorado, Denver) Mechanical Engineering.

Raju Joshi, MS, BS

Expert in clinical development and clinical affairs for biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device, and wearable products. Extensive experience in the hyperlipidemia and diabetes markets. Experience in disease management apps and blockchain strategy. MS (USC) Health Sciences Administration, BS (UC Irvine) Biological and Biomedical Sciences.

John Weston, MBA, BA

Extensive experience in business strategy with a specialization in medical device and pharmaceutical commercialization. Experience in oncology, arthritis, orthopedics, transfusion medicine, wearables, and sports medicine markets. MBA (U. of Denver), BA Molecular Biology (U. of Colorado).  


Novvo has 14 PhD’s in the US and Europe, with 12 PhD’s focusing on machine learning, applied mathematics and statistics.

Novvo also has over 100 software engineers in low cost centers to maximize value and enable 24hr rapid development cycles.

Sample Projects

Machine learning and precision medicine software platform for oncology and cardiology markets. Advanced math model of patient biology for dosage predictions. Integrated with EHR and CDS software. Class II medical device.

ECG wearable sensing product. AWS SaaS server application for data analysis and alerting. iOS and Android mobile apps. Class I medical device. 20 person team.

Scalable auction site for startup venture. New space where police stations sell seized and stolen goods. Strategy development. 10 person team.

Pressure sensing mat to prevent pressure ulcers. Alerted patients and caregivers when pressure levels are dangerously high. PIC microcontroller, C++, VB.

Geographic information system (GIS) software. 20 million acres of forest land. Algorithms to optimize planting, growing, and harvesting. Highly scalable multi-tier SaaS. 20 person team. ESRI prototype, C#, ASP.NET, Oracle Spatial.

Highly scalable wall decor customization SaaS software. Interactive flash front end enabled. visualization of room design. Java server application integrated with client apps. 20 person team.

RFID seek-and-find prototype for lost articles. Handheld unit would find objects within 100 feet. 'Evolutionary' prototype methods enabled various active and passive tags and antennas.

RFID pharmaceutical dosage compliance prototype for a leading manufacturer. HF passive tags. Product gives reminders to patients and caregivers to take medicines on schedule. Conducted product focus groups. Embedded C++, VB.

Clothing tag solution. Volume in billions of units by principal worldwide manufacturer. Server application for merging graphical tag designs with order data. 20 person team. C#, .NET, Java, Hibernate, Oracle, XML, XSLT.

Anemia prediction mobile app. Conceptualized and prototyped patient and provider UIs. Provided strategy, product management, solution. Patient uses app to enter lab and other data. Healthcare provider uses app to show patient results and enable analysis of treatment options. iOS, Swift.


Medical Devices and Health

Our entire leadership team has medical and health care industry experience, with an average of 20+ years per person. We have expertise with FDA regulatory requirements, HIPAA compliance, 510(k) submissions, and ISO 13485 medical device quality requirements.

We have deep capabilities with developing prototypes of medical devices, and developing and integrating with electronic health record (EHR) software. We also have expertise in clinical study design, and clean room environments.


We have experience with new technologies that can increase profitability by increasing product sales and reducing operational costs. We have expertise developing systems that predict demand and buying activity, automate pricing and inventory management processes, and enable highly personalized promotions. 


Software with training and learning capabilities can reduce materials waste, predict maintenance needs, improve quality control with visual inspection systems, and much more. We can develop and prototype software and electronic devices to improve the profitability of any manufacturing facility.  



We specialize in the early steps of product development, including strategy, prototyping, and beta development of software and electronic devices. We are experts in the latest enabling technologies including machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT) connectivity, blockchain and augmented reality. We have extensive experience in the medical device, health, retail, and manufacturing industries, with a pragmatic focus on profitability and other business outcomes.

Many of our clients are Fortune 500 firms with a promising early concept, but without immediate schedule access to valuable internal IT & engineering resources. We quickly get you from concept to prototype to launch.

Novvo is headquartered in the Denver Tech Center, and we have senior resources in Europe and India. We also have over 100 software and electrical engineers available in Bangalore, India to maximize value and enable rapid development.

We offer a free initial assessment for developing your product concept.  Please contact us at 720-710-0004 or for more information.